Getting Started

Even though we make custom websites, we feel it is important for you to know what is available as you make a decision on your website needs. So, what goes into making a website? Can I create a website myself? Where do I begin? If these are questions you are uncertain about, the following will give you a better understanding of how to get started.

Domain Name

If you want a website you have to decide what your domain name will be. A domain name is where people go to visit your site ( Domain registration requires an annual fee of $10 - $35 per year. If you use any of our services we will setup your domain registration for you. All we need is the domain name you would like to have and some backups in case the preferred name is taken.


The web host is the company that maintains the server (a computer designed to host) where the data that makes up your website is stored. The web hosts job is to make sure that the data is available 24/7 so your website is always accessible. Hosting cost is dependent on the amount of traffic to your website and the applications that run on the website. Pricing starts around $5 - $15 per month. We offer hosting starting at $9 per month.

Developing Your Website

There are a few solutions to creating a website for your business. You can start from scratch, use a template, use website builders, or hire a custom website company.

From Scratch

Starting from scratch is the most time consuming, but can be the most rewarding. If you have basic programming knowledge and time to learn HTML,CSS, and more, this can be a good option to create a basic website. You will want to use an IDE (integrated development environment) to write the code and graphic editing software, such as, Adobe Photoshop. If this seems like the path for you, there are hundreds of tutorials and tips out there to get you started. DRT Media starts every website from scratch which allows us to create truly custom websites and applications.

Website Templates

A website template is exactly how it sounds: it is a template made for the user to purchase and customize. There are thousands of website templates available, just google "website templates". Once you purchase a template, all the files you need are provided for you: such as HTML, Photoshop, and Flash files. Next, it is your job to customize and upload the files. If you have no website building experience, this is a daunting task. In general, these templates cost anywhere from $60 to $3,000. You also have the option of purchasing a template then paying someone else to customize and upload your site to the web.

Website Builders

A website builder is a tool typically provided by web hosting companies which allows its users to build their own websites without learning the technical aspects of web page development. Most website builders only allow its users to modify headers, text, and other graphic elements while some allow it's users to edit the source code, that is, the code behind the page being built. They normally include hundreds of templates which can be manipulated and customized. website builders make it easy for users to quickly put a website on the web. These websites advertise "create your website in 5 minutes", which is true, but after adding pages, uploading graphics, writing content and more, it ends up taking a lot longer. Most website builders offer free trail periods, but eventually cost some fee. Website builders charge monthly with their hosting rates and they range around $10 to $25 per month. If you would like to check out some website builders, google "website builders". If you are looking for a truly original site this is most likely not the way to go. But, if you are looking for something quick and simple this may be right for you.

Custom Websites

Custom websites are the best option for a unique design and functionality. What does a custom website company actually do? They build a unique website from the ground up specifically for your needs. Our prime focus at DRT Media is developing custom websites with content management systems(CMS). A CMS integrates into your website to provide a user friendly way of web-based business solutions. Hiring a custom website company is the easiest way to get a website up and working exactly how you want it. The only thing you have to worry about is providing specifications, to guide the designers in developing your site. When hiring a website developer to build your website or application, there are many things to consider. We encourage you to compare quotes from other website companies to find the best value. You should also check the quality of the web developers work by viewing thier portfolio. If you decide to choose us we can handle the domain name and hosting in addition to providing you with a complete web based solution.

Our Stand

Why would we tell you about all these options? Well, we believe in the value of our websites. You can be certain the added originality and experience will add value to your site if you decide to get a custom website from DRT Media. Our developers have years of experience and they know exactly how your website should look, feel, and function. Enough reading already, get a web design price quote and see how affordable your brand new professional website can be!